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Nutrition Services

Individual Nutrition Services

From weight loss to everyday fueling to race day hydration, a wide range of nutrition services abound to optimize your performance. With Kristen Arnold MS, RDN, CSSD, to complement coaching.

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Discover with Kristen Arnold, RD, which nutrition service makes the most sense for you with your goals, time, and lifestyle.

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Nutrition Services:

We offer a wide range of nutrition services.

  • Initial Consultation: The initial consultation is a comprehensive lifestyle & nutritional assessment, with the goal of developing a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan for you.
  • Follow-Up Consultation: The follow-up consultation focuses on lifestyle & nutritional reassessment. We will work to refine plan and goals through personalized nutrition and lifestyle education (nutrition and health information, nutrition strategies, recipes, cooking tips, shopping tips, traveling tips etc.).
  • Athlete Fueling Assessment & Plan: Athlete Fueling Assessment and Plan provides a personalized calorie, macronutrient, and fluid needs assessment and targets, a personalized daily nutrition plan, along with a 1 day sample meal plan
  • Performance Nutrition Plan: Personalized nutrition strategy recommendations to optimize performance for all training and competition days. Plan includes foods, products, amounts, and time intervals for intake around training and competition for the athlete to apply to any training/competition day.
  • Hydration Protocol: The hydration protocol provides a personalized fluid needs assessment for competition (for 1 sport) based on your sweat test results (protocol can be done at home or gym or training center). You will receive a personalized and detailed protocol (timing, amount, and type of fluid), along with hydration to prepare (days leading up to event), perform during, and recover (post event).
  • Weight Management Starter Packages: The Weight Management Starter Package includes a comprehensive package to help you meet your weight management goals
  • Athlete's Best Package: The Athlete’s Best Package includes a comprehensive package to help you have your best season yet nutritionally
Nutrition Services


“Kristen’s advice and nutrition coaching helped me discover my impossible to be possible.”

-Jorge Martinez

Team Nutrition Talks

Team Nutrition Talks provide nutritional recommendations and more for a team of any type, athletic or workplace. (Contact Kristen at to discuss further). $100/hour.

Example topics:

  • Overall nutrition
  • Nutrition for busy schedules
  • Pre, during, and post training and competition for your sport
  • Hydration
  • Vitamins and supplements, what should and shouldn’t you be taking
  • Eating while travelling
  • Nutrition for injuries
  • Periodized nutrition, eating in the off season
  • Safe and effective weight loss
  • Body composition optimization


“I travel for my day job; but still want to compete at the best of my ability; which is why I chose to work with a nutritionist. Working with Kristen was incredible, she dispelled myths and focused me on clear points so I could make good eating decisions both on and off the bike. And it's working, I've never had better fitness and I simply feel better.”

-Rob Kelly