Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp, San Diego


Dates: 11-15 January 2023

Cost: 1499

Location: San Marcos, CA (San Diego)

Discipline: BWR Mixed Surface/ Gravel

The Belgian Waffle Ride is both an immensely popular and enormously fun cycling adventure and a race. Adventure really is the best term because the course is ridiculously difficult and it seems like you never have the “perfect” bike. At some point in the day, on mile… who knows… something changes in you as a person, as a bike rider, as a racer and you become one with the grueling race and realize it’s a life fulfilling experience. It will be a story to tell family and friends. Well… not for everyone. According to BWR founder Michael Marckx, “40% of the racers don’t complete the event because it’s too hard and they’re not ready.”

Enter the BWR Survival Camp. Over 95% of our campers go on to complete the BWR on game-day and that’s in part to the superb training and advice they receive from Source Endurance coaches and instructors. Along the way we divulge the secrets of the subtle art of riding in the loose dirt and gravel. We keep the groups small, fun and rambunctious as we provide each cadre with an intimate preview of the top secret BWR Course (even if you think you know the course there's ALWAYS something new). All the while each camper is treated to good food, good drink and a memorable experience that will be the envy of your riding cohort back home.

What sort of athlete is best suited for this camp?
Consistently active and serious athletes will benefit greatly from this camp. These athletes push themselves in training and consistently accomplish 3-6 training sessions per week. 2-4 rides at an endurance pace for 2-3 days in a row are no problem and even some long training sessions of up to 6 hours are common. These athletes should feel comfortable riding in groups and should be able to handle loose descents and moderate single-track with rocks and roots with ease.


Training Camp Fitness "bump"

The key findings by researchers:

  • Peak power and peak sustainable power before the onset of lactate threshold were both significantly increased (by around 3%).
  • Cycling economy was also increased (by around 3% – a significant improvement).
  • The Profile of Mood State questionnaire results showed that the negative subcategories “Tension-Anxiety”, “Confusion”, “Fatigue” significantly DECREASED after the training camp. In other words, rather than a negative effect, the training had boosted the cyclists’ sense of mental well being.

What to Expect

On Bike

  • Ride with Source Endurance coaches and BWR celebrities
  • Professional skills instruction
  • Tactics workshops: You will learn how to make good decisions during the BWR
  • Support vehicle
  • Nutrition and hydration products

Off Bike

  • Training and Strategy Presentations
  • Power file Analysis
  • Q & A with Coaches and Instructors
  • Catered: 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners
  • Lost Abbey Beer
  • New lifelong friends


  • BWR San Diego entry
  • Exclusive first-hand knowledge of the course with tips from instructors
  • Exclusive access to product discounts from camp partners
  • Daily bike tune and wash
  • EARLY BIRD! Castelli kit for all registrants by 24 December 2021


Optional Add On

  • Pre/ Post Camp Private Coach Ride(s). Arrive early, stay late more recon with 1-2 coaches/ instructors.
  • Daily Massage
  • Family inclusion. Add a family member to the evening dinners


  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Transportation to/ from airport
  • Bike shipping/ rental/ packing
  • 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch

Recommended Lodging and Accomodations

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Mileage: 25 - 85 miles daily

Elevation Gain: 2000' - 8000'

Terrain: Gravel+

Meet the Camp Instructors


Recommended Equipment

  • Adventurous attitude
  • Race ready bicycle and body




  • Check in and Packet pick up
    • Meet and Greet with coaches and instrutors
  • Opener ride


Gravel Skills and Course Reconnaissance

  • Check in
    • Mileage: 25-35 miles
    • Expected Duration: 3 hours
  • Official Introductions and Camp kick-off
  • Training Presentation prior to depart
  • Recovery/ Lunch post ride
  • Optional Massage
  • Dinner


Primary Course Recon

  • Long day intended to fatigue athletes in similar fashion to the BWR
    • Mileage: 70-90 miles
    • Expected Duration: 7.5 hours
  • Training presentation prior to start
  • Summary:
    • Yesterday was tough but today will test everyone. We will begin much like the day before with a training presentation and briefing over coffee. Following this early dialogue athletes will begin a tough day of course reconnaissance. Today is meant to test everyone and will impress up on all athletes what to expect from the BWR on game day. The athletes will be supported the entire day as we explore the finer details of the BWR parcours.
      • Lunch on course
  • Optional Massage
  • Dinner


The Finale

  • Today will focus on the most important sectors of the BWR
    • Mileage: 40-55 miles
    • Expected Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Training presentation Prior to start
  • Summary:
    • Athletes will be tired but hungry to tackle the most demanding sectors of the BWR. That is today’s focus and we’ll put all the teachings to use on the final day. Athletes are encouraged to test their mettle and conquer their internal fears. Once today is over, only time remains between their success at the Belgian Waffle Ride.
  • Lunch at the end of the ride and dismissal.