Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp: Utah

Dates: 21-25 September 2021

Cost: $1699 ($699 deposit due today)

Location: Cedar City, UT


Discipline: Primarily Gravel


The Belgian Waffle Ride is both an immensely popular and enormously fun cycling adventure and a race. Adventure really is the best term because the course is ridiculously difficult and it seems like you never have the “perfect” bike. At some point in the day, on mile… who knows… something changes in you as a person, as a bike rider, as a racer and you become one with the grueling race and realize it’s a life fulfilling experience. It will be a story to tell family and friends. Well… not for everyone. According to BWR founder Michael Marckx, “40% of the racers don’t complete the event because it’s too hard and they’re not ready.”

Enter the BWR Survival Camp. Over 95% of our campers go on to complete the BWR on game-day and that’s in part to the superb training and advice they receive from Source Endurance coaches and instructors. Along the way we divulge the secrets of the subtle art of riding in the loose dirt and gravel. We keep the groups small, fun and rambunctious as we provide each cadre with an intimate preview of the top secret, untested BWR course. All the while each camper is treated to good food, good drink and a memorable experience that will be the envy of your riding cohort back home.

BWR Survival Camp Utah is designed to mimic the professional style pre-ride and course recon that is now standard practice heading into heavyweight events like Paris- Roubaix, Strade Bianchi, and the Tour of Flanders. This 5 day camp begins weeks in advance with a complementary Source Endurance written BWR training plan.  When you arrive in Cedar City you will begin 4 days of comprehensive course reconnaissance as you complete your event taper.  The crescendo will be you toeing the line at the Belgian Waffle Ride on the 5th day with intimate knowledge of what to expect after spending 4 days studying and strategizing.

The camp will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere as we take care of the support and most of the food and drink during the camp. This allows you focus solely on the task at hand. An early arrival to Cedar City allows you the luxury of acclimating to both the altitude and the town as you settle in for a few days.

What sort of athlete is best suited for this camp?
Consistently active and serious athletes will benefit greatly from this camp. These athletes push themselves in training and consistently accomplish 3-6 training sessions per week. 2-4 rides at an endurance pace for 2-3 days in a row are no problem and even some long training sessions of up to 6 hours are common. These athletes should feel comfortable riding in groups and should be able to handle loose descents and moderate single-track with rocks and roots with ease.

What to Expect

On Bike

  • Ride with Source Endurance coaches and superstars of gravel racing 
  • Professional skills instruction
  • Tactics workshops: You will learn how to make good decisions during the BWR
  • Support vehicle
  • Nutrition and hydration products

Off Bike

  • BWR Training Plan included with camp
  • Training and Strategy Presentations
  • Power file Analysis
  • Q & A with Coaches and Instructors
  • Provided: 1 Breakfast, 4 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • Altitude acclimation
  • New lifelong friends


  • BWR Utah Entry included with camp (no backing out)
  • Exclusive first-hand knowledge of a NEW and UNTESTED course
  • Exclusive access to product discounts from camp partners
  • Daily bike tune and wash
  • Castelli Cycling Kit


Optional Add On

  • Pre/ Post Camp Private Coach Ride(s). Arrive early, stay late for more recon with 1-2 coaches/ instructors.
  • Family inclusion. Add a family member to the evening dinners


  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Transportation to/ from airport
  • Bike shipping/ rental/ packing
  • 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners
  • Trip Insurance

Recommended Lodging and Accomodations

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights

Mileage: 20 - 137 miles

Elevation Gain: 2000' - 7000'

Terrain: Altitude, Mountains, Gravel+

Recommended Equipment

  • Adventurous attitude
  • Race ready bicycle and body






  • Check in 12pm-2pm
  • Drop in for a short check in and packet pick up.
  • Skills/ Opener Ride: 3-5pm
  • Dinner 6-8pm


Gravel Skills and Course Reconnaissance

  • Course Recon and practicing gravel skills are important, especially in the early miles.
    • Mileage: 25-53 miles
    • Expected Duration: 2.5- 4 hours
  • Training Presentation prior to depart
  • Summary:
    • Athletes will gather over coffee as Source Endurance reviews the expected day’s happenings. We will begin with general skills and drills early during the ride. Instructors will then reinforce these teachings throughout the camp. Along the way we will stop periodically to discuss strategy and tactical expectations on BWR day.
  • Recovery/ Lunch post ride
  • Dinner


Short and demanding day

  • Today's goal is to master the most difficult section of the BWR course today.
    • Mileage: 15-30 miles
    • Expected Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Training presentation prior to start
  • Summary:
    • Yesterday was tough but today will test everyone. Repetition promotes mastery and today we're going to master the most demanding portions of the BWR course.
  • Recovery/ Lunch
  • Dinner


Strategize and Final Tune Up

  • Today will focus on the most important sectors of the BWR
    • Mileage: 15-30 miles
    • Expected Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Training presentation Prior to start
  • Summary:
    • Athletes will be spend time reviewing the entire course in the comfort of the camp HQ today.  We will help each athlete devise an individual BWR strategy before heading out on the day's ride.  The ride will consist of 1-2 hours of easy riding on some key sectors of the BWR course.
  • Lunch following the day's ride and report to packet pick-up.


Putting it all together

  • Today is the day! Today you will put all the knowledge you learned the past week into action
  • Athletes will choose between the Waffle, Wafer, or Wanna events.
    • Choose the course that is most challenging and FUN for you.
  • Athletes will enjoy themselves to waffles before AND after the event along with refreshing drinks.
  • Athletes remaining in town are welcome to a final group dinner.