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The Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), the most unique cycling event in the country, is now in its ninth year of existence. This year’s edition of the Spring Classic will offer the same type of insanity, challenge and the unparalleled experience that the event has become infamous for—complete with pain, suffering, ecstasy and agony.

With over 1,700 riders last year and more expected this year, BWR has grown dramatically over the years, both in participants and prestige making it the marquee mixed surface event in the United States. It is also the most publicized and covered cycling event on the west coast, only outdone by the Tour of California, with media coverage from myriad television channels, Sports Illustrated, Het Laatste Nieuws, the largest newspaper in Belgium, the Huffington Post, Velonews, Road Bike Action and virtually every cycling media outlet in the country. The BWR offers this growing and special breed the type of experience that requires months, if not years, to train for adequately, while requiring technical bike handling skills and, more importantly, the right equipment and nutrition to survive. Enter: The BWR Survival Camp.

The focus of  BWR Survival Camp will be to allow the riders to preview and beta test the official 2020 BWR route over three days of course reconnaissance. We serve up an incredible array of gravel and mixed terrain experience in the disguise of a superb fitness camp. This camp is designed to illicit your respect of an event the caliber of BWR. The BWR typically sees over 40% attrition according to event founder, Michael Marckx and 2019 was no exception. The BWR Survival Camp boasts OVER 95% success completing the Waffle and Wafer Rides. With an expected camp total around 160 miles, and over 12,000ft of demanding climbing, the BWR Survival Camp will challenge everyone.

Our instructors will divide riders into groups based on ability, while maintaining a 1:4 ratio, and guide you through the 2020 BWR course providing professional insight on training, nutrition, strategy and skills development.   Our instructors are arguably an assembly of some of the best in the U.S. regarding riding, racing, and coaching gravel events. We will utilize our years of off-road experience to help develop your skills on loose surfaces. We are here to assist you with everything from equipment choice to line selection to ensure that you can safely manage even the gnarliest sections. On and off the bike, instructors are available as mentors and guides. You can learn more about our instructors below.

Meanwhile, we will enjoy pre-ride bagels and coffee, the sunny and temperate climate of Southern California makes for some great riding, and some fantastic dinners all provided by the camp. Also, Source Endurance coaches will provide applicable presentations that will help you prepare for your assault on the BWR later in the spring.

The camp is not limited to Belgian Waffle Ride participants.

Cost: $1699

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Your bike will be cleaned and tuned daily. You’ll have access to hydration and nutrition products as you embark on epic training rides on memorable routes with Source Endurance coaches and staff. Throughout the day, support vehicles will supply everything you could need to keep riding. No matter what your fitness level, we will make sure you are challenged but never overwhelmed.

Off the bike, enjoy nutrient-packed meals, stories with new friends, and additional instruction through presentations on training, nutrition and more. Let us do the work as you have the opportunity to rest and recover and truly focus on making sport your top priority for a little while.


What Survival Camp Includes

Cost: $1699 includes:

  • 2020 BWR entry guaranteed (remember, it sold out in 2019)
  • Preferred start position at BWR
  • Custom Camp Kit if registered BEFORE December 1, 2019.  (For late registrations, Castelli Inline kit will be provided).
  • Lost Abbey Belgian Ale
  • The 2020 Belgian Waffle Ride Course Unveiling Banquet
  • Exclusive deals from BWR and camp partners
  • Pre-ride coffee, bagels and scooby snacks
  • Neil Shirley brain picking seminars
  • Phil Tinstman Pole Dancing Lessons
  • Danny Munson photos of riders in action and pole dancing with Phil
  • Special Tips on how to avoid the dreaded Purple Card by MMX
  • Training Tips and survival strategies from Source Endurance
  • BWR course preview and testing details first hand
  • Daily bike cleaning and tuning
  • Ride nutrition
  • New, lifelong friends

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For your camp, we have assembled what is probably the most knowledgeable and talented mixed surface instructors on the planet.  This all-star cast includes multiple winners of the BWR, DK200, Gravel Worlds, US PRO Champions, Professional Athletes, Colorado Classic podium finishers, and State Champions. Each of these instructors will be at your camp with the express purpose of teaching you how to be successful at your 2020 BWR.  To be your best, you must learn from the best.  We have the best.

Team Ride


Friday, January 17
Arrive 8am. Coffee and Bagels provided. Prepare bikes.
9:15–9:50am. Pre-ride presentation and ride briefing
10am Roll out. 3–5 hours
2020 Route Unveiling Banquet

Saturday, January 18
Arrive 8am. Coffee and Bagels provided
8:15–8:50am. Pre-ride presentation and ride briefing
9am Roll out. 4–6 hours
Post ride Dinner Party Provided

Sunday, January 19
Arrive 8am. Coffee and Bagels provided
8:15–8:50am. Pre-ride presentation and ride briefing
9am Roll out. 4–6 hours
Post ride Dinner Provided

The Gory Details

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