Terms of Subscription

We require an initial six month commitment. In agreeing to these terms you agree to maintain your subscription for a minimum period of six months. Following the expiration of the initial six month term you may cancel your subscription by providing Source Endurance with a 30 day notice in the form of an email or by faxing request for cancellation. Your request will be effective 30 days from date of receipt of the request. During the 30 day period subsequent to receipt of cancellation request by Source Endurance, your training schedule wil be maintained and you will be billed for services.

Cancellation requests can be sent to Source Endurance via e-mail or fax. Email requests for cancellation can sent to inquire@source-e.net.

Clients who choose to leave prior to the end of the initial six month service term commitment will be charged through the end of the term commitment. If we are unable to successfully collect the outstanding fees for the committed term via the credit card information on file, we will pursue collection through standard commercial means.

By registering as a subscriber on our system you agree to hold confidential all information pertaining to special discounts and pricing structures as may be provided from time to time to our clients. In addition you agree to hold confidential special pricing provided to our clients related to the purchase of equipment offered by Source Endurance for sale through our retail function.

You agree to allow Source Endurance to access and utilize low level training data, including both scheduled training and device data for the purpose of the construction of a data warehouse for training performance research. Source Endurance will NEVER use or make available publicly your personally identifiable information related to training performance without obtaining prior written permission from you, the client.

Source Endurance will work with juniors engaged in endurance related activities. If the client is a junior we require a release to be on file for the participation of the junior in our services, as well as a billing acknowledgment form to be executed by the responsible billing party. If you are a junior (i.e. under 18) you will need to obtain both the guardian release form and the billing acknowledgment form. You can obtain these via the download links at left, or by e-mailing us at inquire@source-e.net. We will not deploy training schedules for any juniors without having both required forms on file. Additionally, the monthly service fees will have to be collected from a credit card provided by the guardian.