Join us January 27-29, 2017

The Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), the most unique cycling event in the country, is now in its sixth year of existence. This year’s edition of the Spring Classic will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017, and will offer the same type of insanity, challenge and the unparalleled experience that the event has become infamous for—only with more pain and suffering this time around.

With 1,100 riders last year and more expected this year, BWR has grown dramatically over the years, both in participants and prestige.  It is also the most publicized and covered regional cycling event on the west coast, only outdone by the Tour of California, with media coverage from myriad television channels, Sports Illustrated, Het Laatste Nieuws, the largest newspaper in Belgium, the Huffington Post and virtually every cycling media outlet in the country.  The BWR offers this growing and special breed the type of experience that requires months, if not years, to train for adequately, while requiring technical bike handling skills and, more importantly, the right equipment and nutrition to survive. Enter: The Official BWR Survival Camp.

The focus of the BWR Survival Camp will be to allow the riders to preview the official 2017 BWR route over two days of course reconnaissance. This enables the riders to familiarize themselves with the route over two days at a pace that will not overwhelm them.  Riders looking for more miles are welcome to incorporate additional routes after the scheduled ride each day.

The camp serves also as an incredible gravel and mixed terrain experience and fitness camp and is not just limited to Belgian Waffle Ride participants. It’s also excellent preparation for the Rock Cobbler in February.

Our instructors will divide riders into groups based on ability and guide you through the 2017 BWR course providing insight and skills development.  Our instructors are arguably an assembly of some of the best in the U.S. riding, racing, and coaching gravel events. We will utilize our years of off road experience to help develop your skills on loose surfaces, helping you with everything from equipment choice to line selection to ensure that you can safely manage even the gnarliest sections. On and off the bike, instructors are available as mentors and guides, front and center. You can learn more about our instructors below.

Meanwhile, we will enjoy pre-ride bagels and coffee,  the sunny and temperate climate of Southern California for some great riding, and some fantastic dinners all provided by the camp. Also, Source Endurance coaches will provide applicable presentations that will help you prepare for your assault on the BWR later in the spring.

The Source Endurance Camp Experience

Being at a Source Endurance camp is like being a professional, but bwr-200without all the pressure or hype.

Your bike will be cleaned and tuned daily by Velofix- San Diego.  You’ll have access to hydration and nutrition products as you head out to some great workouts on great roads with Source Endurance coaches and staff.  Throughout the day, support vehicles will supply everything you could need to keep riding.  No matter what your fitness level, we will make sure you are challenged but never overwhelmed.

Off the bike, enjoy nutrient-packed meals, stories with new friends, and additional instruction through presentations on training, nutrition and more.  Let us do the work as you have the opportunity to rest and recover and truly focus on making sport your top priority for a little while.

Camp Type:

  • Gravel Grinder/ Endurance road rides (dirt and gravel sections)
  • Power foundation endurance rides, climbing at controlled intensities, and skills
  • 60-90 miles of daily riding with pace groups
  • Daily power file reviews and seminars

Added Camp Benefits:

About the BWR

The Basics:

Date: January 27-29, 2017

Location: San Marcos, California

Price: $700 Click the link below.

Who Should Attend:

  • Competitive recreational cyclists and above
  • Competitive recreational gravel grinders and above
  • Those seeking performance improvement in Gran Fondo events or category racing
  • Riders with a strong base who wish to focus on climbing

Camp Preparation:

With an expected camp total around 150 miles, the BWR Survival Camp will challenge everyone. Source Endurance excels at helping our clients meet their performance goals and we know working with us is the best way to ensure you are 100% ready for this camp. We specialize in individual coaching and consulting and have made available pre-built plans to help you prepare for the BWR Survival Camp during the cold, dreary winter.

Individual and Group Coaching available. Learn more.  Pre- built Training Plans are also available.

Survivalists Get:

  • Cervélo BWR entry (no backing out) $160.00
  • BWR Happy Lens Sunglasses (never look or be unhappy again)  $160.00
  • BWR Hutchinson Sector 28 tires (never flat again)  $180.00
  • BWR Camelbak bottles (never have you had such good bottles) $28.00
  • BWR/Source Endurance Jersey (never have you looked so good) $ 76.00
  • BWR Travel Mug (never have you traveled so well) $30.00
  • Lost Abbey Belgian Ale (never have you had better) $30.00
  • BWR Socks (never has it more been ‘business time’) $16.00
  • The 2017 Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride Course Unveiling Party  $80.00
  • BWR/Lost Abbey Beer Carrier (never has beer traveled so well) $30.00
  • BWR Hat (never has your head looked this tough) $20.00

Total (never has there been a better deal) $810.00

The Camp also offers:

  • Pre-ride coffee, bagels and scooby snacks
  • One-on-One Coaching for the BWR
  • Neil Shirley brain picking seminars
  • Phil Tinstman Pole Dancing Lessons
  • Bike Maintenance by VeloFix
  • Danny Munson photos of riders in action and pole dancing with Phil
  • Special Tips on how to avoid the dreaded Purple Card by mmx
  • Cervélo BWR course details first hand

Total Value: Priceless

Confirmed Camp Instructors

Neil Shirley

Neil Shirley Pic

During a 10-year professional racing career Neil had the privilege of racing all over the globe and was able to rack up some results along the way. Those results include stage wins at the Tour of Utah and Cascade Classic, along with King Of The Mountain titles at the Tour of Utah and Philly Cycling Classic. Neil has also stood on the podium at both the USPRO Road Championships and the Mountain Bike XC National Championships. Since taking over as Editor of Road Bike Action Magazine he’s found a new love for mixed-surface events and is a 2x winner of the Belgian Waffle Ride in addition to the 2016 Gravel Worlds Champion.

Janel Holcomb

Optum Women’s Pro Cycling Training Camp, . Oxnard, CA Feb. 16-21, 2014

Janel Holcomb raced professionally from 2008-2015 for the US National Team, Optum Pro Cycling, Colavita Forno-d’Asolo, and Webcor Pro Cycling competing all over the world in the sport’s biggest races. In 2011 Janel was crowned NRC Champion after winning a number of races including three stage race titles at Cascade Cycling Classic, Tour de Toona and the Joe Martin Stage Race. In 2014 she and her teammates finished 4th at the World Championships in the team time trial only 6 seconds off the podium. Janel was honored to be selected as a member of the US Olympic Long Team for the 2012 London Olympics. Now retired, Janel coaches cyclists, runs cycling camps, and is a brand ambassador for Mavic, Focus Bikes, and Enduro Bites. Find out more: www.janelholcomb.com.

Michael Marckx


Michael Marckx is CDO of BWR parent company,  Creative Disruption, and up until very recently, he served as president/CEO of SPY Inc. He is the demented inventor of the Belgian Waffle Ride and has directed lots of fun events over the years, like The Ironman World Championships, the Surfing World Championship Tour in Fiji, The World Cup of Skateboarding, The Orange County Marathon, and many others.

A former amateur world champion and US National team member, Marckx has enjoyed being an athlete in several sports. He also likes to drink beer and is the world masters record holder in the Beer Mile. Currently a Category 1 bicycle racer, he is also an avid surfer and musician. Marckx lives in Leucadia, CA with his wife and two children, who love the ocean and music as much as he does.

Phil Tinstman


Phil started racing old school big wheels in the local department store parking lot before he was old enough for the BMX track. It was never just a sport for him, it was almost an obsession or addiction for that matter regardless if it was a BMX, mountain or road bike. Phil craves that rush from speed and competitiveness that goes along with it. The combination is perfect for him.

Phil is a bit of a hero in his own right.  He is a former Professional Mtb Downhill Racer from 1993-2002 and recently has over 50 wins including: 40+ Unified Road Champion (road racing, time trial, criterium), 1st RAAM 2015 4-man and Overall, and 2 times he was 2nd place in the BWR (2013, 2015).

Adam Mills


Adam is the CEO of Source Endurance and comes to San Diego from Kansas.  As such he has pedaled innumerable miles of gravel and open roads which suit him perfectly to the unique challenges of gravel and enduro events. Adam is currently racing with the Elevate Elite Cycling Team and has an extensive background in both road and off-road cycling endeavors.

Adam’s true talent comes with his ability to combine his vast experience with his knowledge of sport. He is indeed a student of science, sport, athletic performance, strategy, and tactics, continually educating himself by keeping up to date with current trends and methods in sport. Adam is able to incorporate these attributes to help his clients reach and exceed their goals. He truly feels a sense of pride when his clients realize their potential. Since 2009, his clients have racked up a total of ten national championships in seven disciplines across multiple age groups.

Beglian Waffle Ride 960 Keenan Photography

The Belgian Waffle Ride serves up a unique but tough cycling experience

By Tim Newcomb:

Don’t mind the 142.5-mile bike course run on dirt, sand or gravel for more than 33 miles. Or, for that matter, the 11,000 feet of climbing required over the course of the ride. It is, after all, just the way things run in Belgium… Read on.

The finer details


Friday, January 27
Afternoon Ride
Official 2017 BWR Route Reveal. Dinner Provided

Saturday, January 28
Arrive 8am. Coffee and Bagels provided
9am Roll out: 2/3 2017 BWR Course
Post ride Dinner Provided
1 on 1 Power file analysis and group presentation

Sunday, January 29
Arrive 8am. Coffee and Bagels provided
9am Roll out: 1/3 BWR Course
Post ride Dinner Provided
1:1 Power file analysis and group presentation

Local Lodging

Lakehouse Hotel and Resort
Lakehouse Hotel and Resort offers affordable luxury on the shores of sunny Lake San Marcos matched with an unparalleled guest service experience. Reminiscent of a summer lake house, Lakehouse is a north San Diego resort and a tranquil escape from life’s daily stresses. Guests enjoy championship golf, a full-service marina several restaurant options, free Wi-Fi and two sparkling pools.

We have a very limited number of rooms blocked at this luxurious resort and they are available on a first come, first serve basis. Book here for 15% off their best available rate. Discount expires January 6th, 2017.

Arrival and Departure

Area Airports: 

San Diego International Airport– Probably your best and easiest choice. Look for direct flights

John Wayne Airport – In the south end of the LA area. Some different options for flights.

McClellan- Palomar Airport– By far the closest airport. Hotels in the area will shuttle you to and from. However, flights are extremely limited.

What to Bring

Items to pack for any of our cycling camps:

  • Bicycle: Clean, tuned and ready to ride with new tires
  • Gearing: Your bike should have a 12-27 cassette and/or a compact crankset
  • Helmet
  • Jerseys: at least 4 (short and or long sleeve)
  • Shorts: at least 4 pair
  • Wind Vest
  • Baselayer : 1 or 2 lightweight
  • Rain Jacket
  • Arm Warmers
  • Socks
  • Cycling gloves: short finger
  • Cycling Shoes/pedals (carry these with you if traveling by plane)
  • Eyewear/sunglasses
  • Chamois cream
  • Small tote or backpack for anything you wish to keep in support vehicles
  • Heart Rate Monitor and/or Power Meter (Power Tap or SRM or other)
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries for clean up between rides

Items to add just in case

  • Light jacket
  • Medium weight jacket
  • Long sleeve and/or thermal jersey
  • Long finger gloves
  • Shoe covers/booties
  • Leg or knee warmers or light tights

Other items to consider:

  • Compact crankset and 12-27 cassette – If you are not accustomed to climbing or are a beginner cyclist this is a must.
  • Bottles/mix/food – If you will be arriving before a camp begins or remaining afterward, and wish to ride, please bring what food/drink supplies you will need for your riding.

We will have sport drinks, food, spare tubes/tires, etc in our follow vehicles.  Each day we will prepare water bottles for your bike using GQ-6 Nutrition and will provide you with sports nutrition products for use during the camp.

If you have any questions about what to pack or what to look for when purchasing cycling clothing or supplies, please contact us at inquire@source-e.net

Bike Transport, Assembly, Maintenance

Mechanic Support Provided by:


Paul Dunlap
General Manager/ Owner
C: 760.978.9622

Camp Benefits include:

Velofix will be present for the 3-day camp to aid with any support needs in the morning and evenings (any simple checks, adjustments, etc. will be offered at no additional cost.
Velofix will be the official ride support for the BWR Survival Camp helping with mid- ride mishaps.
Any higher level mechanical fixes will be charged service/parts with a BWR Camp discount of 30%.

Other Benefits include generous discounts on the following services:
Unpack/ assemble bikes for camp attendees.
Disassembly/ repack bikes for camp attendees.

Should you decide to ship your bike, we recommend Bike Flights. Plan for your bike to arrive no later than January 24. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and General Policies:  If you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit and additional fees depending on your cancellation date will not be refunded.  Exceptions to this policy will not be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies and balances cannot be transferred.

  • Camp Deposit is non- refundable.
  • 61+ days prior: Cancellation Fee of 50% of original camp price
  • 31-60 days prior: Cancellation Fee of 75% of original camp price
  • 0-30 days prior: Cancellation Fee of 100% of original camp price
  • There are no discounts, refunds or exchanges associated with an Athlete skipping or missing any portion of a camp including, without limitation, meals, lectures or rides.
  • Source Endurance reserves the right to cancel a camp class at any time.  In this event, Athlete will be issued a full refund for the camp registration fee.  Source Endurance is not responsible for expenses associated with planning the Athlete’s trip including, without limitation, airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, etc., (collectively “Athlete Expenses”) to attend any camp.
  • Camp will be conducted based on the schedule posted prior to the camp, but Source Endurance reserves the right to modify the camp schedule based on, without limitation, weather and the number or skill level of Athletes in attendance.
  • All fees will be applied to the camp for which Athlete is registered.  If Athlete has to cancel for any reason, the deposit and applicable cancellation fees will be applied to the camp for which Athlete was registered and cannot be transferred to an alternate camp or any other Service or product offered by Source Endurance.
  • If you are not satisfied with your camp experience, please notify a coach or the camp manager as soon as possible DURING THE CAMP.  Source Endurance will make a considerable effort to remedy any issues.  Refunds will not be issued for camps once the camp has commenced.
  • Source Endurance recommends travel insurance in case of emergency cancellation.

Other Complimenting Events:

With the Mavic All Road Gravel Grinder on November 12 and the Temecula Road Fundo on December 3, these events will keep you fresh and sharp during the fall and winter and can help you maintain the fitness to start the spring off strong. 






The Rock Cobbler 4.0 is a mere two weeks after the BWR Survival Camp.  Take full advantage of the camp to put those final touches on your Rock Cobbler fitness.  Let us help you to make your Rock Cobbler 4.0 a success!

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